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TMS Relocation is able to provide tenancy renewal assistance for those wishing to extend their tenancies into a second or third term. 

TMS will be contacted by the assignees HR department, International Assignment team or by the assignee directly and advised that a lease is to be renewed and advise on the renewal duration.

TMS will contact the Tenant / Occupier of the property to discuss any maintenance issues that may have arisen during the initial term of the tenancy prior to negotiations with the letting Agent or Landlord.

  • Negotiate renewal Terms and any special conditions with the Landlord / Agent.
  • Prepare renewal document and send via email for prior approval to company legal department / HR department or Individual prior to submitting to Landlord / Agent.
  • On approval forward copy to Landlord / Agent. On agreement of document issue hard copies to all parties for signature.
  • On receipt of signed originals, execute documents and forward exchanged documents to appropriate parties.
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